How we save you money!

Our Strenght Hoodie using DTG printing.

Direct-to-Garment printing is a faster and cheaper method of printing designs.

     Financial stability is one of the three pillars Valenser focuses on to help you succeed. One way to help our customers become successful is by offering products at the lowest price possible. To reduce the costs of our products, Valenser utilizes direct-to-garment printing or DTG. The DTG printing process is similar to an inkjet printer you may have at home or at work. The printer sprays the ink into the garment, and the fibers absorb it. DTG printers allow us to print a large variety of colors with virtually no limitations.

     How does DTG save you money? Direct-to-garment printing allows us to print your order on demand. The product is only printed when an order is placed and is being personally printed for just you! On-demand printing removes the need for us to carry inventory and make large upfront purchases. Our DTG model saves you money because we save money. The DTG model is also more environmentally sustainable and reduces waste, factors that create additional costs. Every penny we can save helps us offer you quality products.